Orange Is The New Black Friday? Orange Friday #NYC Parking Reminder

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, but don't sleep in on Friday.  Your offices may be closed but parking enforcement is in effect! Feed the meter, move the car--or you may have an "Orange Friday."

Orange Friday refers to those bright orange envelopes used by the City of New York Parking Enforcement that accompany parking violations.  Check alternate side parking, meter rules, and enjoy Orange Friday!

The day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 24, is not a holiday. Alternate side parking regulations, parking meters, and all other parking regulations will be in effect.
You can always check NYC 311 for parking updates at  or on Twitter @NYCASP

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Amazon warehouse deals

Heard of Amazon Warehouse?

At the Amazon Warehouse, you can get deep discounts on used and open box merchandise And in true Amazon style, they have a zillion products. Everything from Wireless Karaoke Microphone to Xenon HID Headlight bulbs to a Fossil Q Wander Gen 2 Smartwatch.

Yes, Amazon sells these open-box and refurbished items with the same return policy as their normal products.

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Amazon's digital music. Download tons for free!

Did you know Amazon has a bunch of free downloads for the taking?
A few genres with free tunes: BluesClassic RockJazz, and Reggae. Look around, sort by price and the free songs pop up first.

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Jellyfish stings and what to do if stung

If you get stung by a jellyfish...
The key is to deactivate the jellyfish stingers, called nematocysts, as well as the jellyfish venom. This video explains how, the right way.

Why aren't they hiring (or rejecting) you yet?

So you've crafted your cover letter, tweaked your resume, aced the interviews, sent great follow-up letters. Weeks have passed. Not a word.

As frustrating as the wait is, don't give up on those long forgotten interviews and applications. As an example, today I received an email regarding a job I applied to in mid-November 2016! I read that I've been in the running for the position for the last 4 and a half months. I didn't get the job, but my application has been moving around in the system.

Just because time has lapsed, don't think you are out of the race. Remember that it's not uncommon for companies to have a process where applications get backed up for weeks before the hiring manager gets a list of candidates, and there's another delay after the interviews

If you must send a second follow-up letter, don't make it about you, be topical and mentioned something you've read in the news about the company's latest movements or success story. Most of all, hang in there.

Online Applications and the Required Salary Field

Don't sell yourself short, but don't price yourself out of a great job either.  Have you heard you are "over qualified" for jobs? This is a euphemism for they can't afford the salary requirements entered on your application.

More and more, software screening tools are kicking out applications before it reaches a human being. Between computerized resume scanners and online applications requiring a valid salary to be processed, many qualified applicants never stand a chance.  The salary field is a tough one, we can't leave it blank and it must be numeric. Putting $1 in the field puts your application at risk of being filtered before a human even sees it.

Career coaches suggest to do a bit of research and use the average salary for the position in the geographic area you are searching. This won't trigger any flags by the screening software. If you get the interview, mention the number and you are seeking a competitive salary and it is negotiable with company perks and great benefits.

You can find salary information on

Steve is a Digital Product Manager based in New York City. Most recently implementing Content Management Systems with customized features for entertainment publishing. He known for solving problems, optimizing product features and creating happy users. Steve is actively interviewing and would like to join an Agile team as a Business Analyst / Product Manager. You can learn more about Steve's skill set and background at​

Yoga and the brain #BrainAwarenessWeek

It is Brain Awareness Week and I'm posting about the brain-yoga connection related to neurological disorders.  And I'm sharing info on a yoga group a friend is starting up just for people with movement disorders. Please check out Nimbah Yoga's Facebook page for the details.

Movement disorders can be defined as neurologic syndromes in which either an excess of movement or a paucity of voluntary and automatic movements, unrelated to weakness or spasticity. The term movement disorders is used synonymously with basal ganglia or extrapyramidal diseases.

Yoga is a favorite non-medical therapy of many people living with a movement disorder for its functional and psychosocial benefits. Studies suggest modest benefits from yoga for:
Mobility. Yoga can improve functional mobility and how a person with walks.
Balance. Research shows yoga-related improvements in balance (tandem, one-leg) and an associated reduction in fear of falling.
Strength. Gains in lower-body strength occur following yoga practice and are associated with improved postural stability.
Flexibility. Improvements in flexibility and range of motion (ROM) are important since rigidity is a common clinical manifestation. Research shows improvements in flexibility/ROM of the shoulder, hip and spine.
Mood & Sleep. The calming effect of yoga (by enhancing parasympathetic output) may lessen perceived stress, enhance relaxation, and benefit sleep.

Read more:


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